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Ad fraud might hit $100B, advertising companies worry

Ad fraud has become a very big issue for both users and the advertising agencies. Different forms of it might reach a cost of $120 billion, until 2023, in the U.S. only. This means up 21%, from 2021. High growth of different forms of ad fraud The ad fraud varies a…

The ad-based business model: Would Facebook change it?

The Facebook lead architect of the ad-based business model announced it would leave company. We try to foresee how her move could affect company’s advertising strategy. Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post that it was time to write “the next chapter of my life.”…

More control over personal data for Play Store users

Users should get more control over personal data, as Google started rolling out its new data safety section on the Play Store. This requires developers to inform users about the collection of data, the access to it and mention the collected data. Control over personal…

Ad rates: Facebook advertisers can pursue class action

Ad rates came in front of a U.S. judge, who ruled that Facebook advertisers can sue the company in common actions. Thus, both individuals and businesses can act as a group. Facebook advertisers said they had been deceived According to the judge, those who paid…

Fake ads trigger one more trial for Meta, in Australia

Fake ads allegations might bring Meta in front of the judge, in Australia. The competition watchdog in the country filed a lawsuit against the company. Thus, they say that the company did not prevent scammers from promoting fake ads featuring celebrities. Fake ads for…