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Ad tracking war goes on as Apple brings new features

The ad tracking war continues, as Apple has just launched a new “privacy report” feature on its iOS devices. Companies must now share more information about the apps, and services they use on these devices. It will show users which individual apps are accessing…

Fake AnyDesk ads beat the real ones on Google Ads

A fake ad campaign serving a trojanized version of the AnyDesk program ranked higher in searches than the legitimate ads. The ads which appeared in the Google Search results came with a a fake version of the remote desktop app. Although this was a trojanized version, the…

Learn how to block Facebook ads! Stop them forever

You may want to block Facebook ads for so many reasons. Either because they are not relevant, annoying or promote places you are not interested in. But you wonder how you can do this effectively. Facebook has become the biggest network for connecting people. But it is also a…