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COVID-19 forces CISA to hire two top cybersecurity experts

CISA hired two leading cybersecurity experts to support the agency’s COVID-19 response efforts. Cybersecurity risk is bigger than ever According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastracture State Agency’s management, the decision comes as the pandemic made…

Users' privacy - the biggest “loser” after big tech CEOs hearing

Users’ privacy seems to be the biggest “loser” after the CEOs of Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon testified in front of the Congress. Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Sundar Pichai and Jeff Bezos tried to emphasize that users are in control of their data, but avoided…
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The advantages a native ad blocker brings for users

More people decide to use an ad blocker in order to get rid of annoying ads. This is because they have become very intrusive and make pages load slower. Moreover, the data usage increases because of them. Also, the fact that they follow us everywhere, based on our online…

Decision: ads for face masks will come back on Facebook

Facebook will partially lift the advertising ban on face masks. Thus, third-party businesses will have the possibility to advertise cloth masks. Also, they could promote other non-medical face coverings, such as bandanas. Face masks shortage determined the ban…