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Apple's new privacy features made Facebook get mad

Apple’s big move to implement new privacy features affects the tracking system and makes Facebook mad. So, Mark Zuckerberg’s company fights over Apple’s decision to implement a new opt-in requirement for iOS14. The option offers users the right to grant…

Let's take our right to customise the way we see ads

The way we see ads is a complex mechanism that helps advertisers and companies follow us and our online behaviour all the time. Thus, they try to make sure they maximise the possibility to sell their products or obtain our data. After they gather it, they use it to…

How many disturbing ads would be reasonable for us?

Disturbing ads are those that, initially, seem to be online unharmful and useful commercials. And we see thousands of them, every day. But most of the time, they prevent us from reading or seeing the content we are interested in. So, how many of these ads would be…

UK would come with a new code for data transparency

Data transparency will receive a new boost from the UK government. The authorities announced that they would develop a new code for the tech companies, in order to let users better control their data. So, a Digital Markets Unit will create, together with other…

Marketers attack Google's Privacy Sandbox, in the UK

Marketers for an Opeb Web (MOW) attacked Sandbox, from Google. This is the company’s anti-tracking project which should “create a thriving web ecosystem that is respectful of users and private by default,” according to Google. In other words, this should mean…