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How to discover scams with Google's new website?

The search giant decided to help users discover scams with a new website. Google announced Scamspotter.org, where anyone can learn how to spot fraud schemes, during the pandemic. Google said that Scamspotter can reveal dishonest schemes, such as false stimulus, fake…
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How to avoid ransomware attacks? RagnarLocker case study

Any user should know how to avoid ransomware attacks as they are, in fact, malware attacks that encrypt victim’s files. Then, the attackers ask victims to pay a ransom, in order to decrypt them. Usually they ask for huge amounts of money in cryptocurrency. Recently…

Chrome 83: the first steps to block third-party cookies

The newest version of Chrome will block third-party cookies. With the release of Chrome 83, Google also comes with this feature in Incognito mode, where users come for a more private browsing experience. In this mode, Chrome doesn’t save users’ browsing…
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Tracking users becomes history with new search engine

Startpage search engine serves ads without tracking users via cookies. The private search engine has become an option for the Vivaldi browser. The solution might be extremely useful for those users concerned about the way big companies use the data they collect using…

Facebook Shops will bring even more ads on the platform

Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Shops, when online shopping becomes the main solution for most of us. Facebook’s announcement is not hiding that this option comes “as many businesses are creating and strengthening their digital presence.” So, this might…
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Learn how to avoid the online pandemic that we face

An online pandemic also occurred during the COVID 19 crisis. Google, for instance, announced that it discovered more than 18 million daily malware and phishing emails just in one week. They came besides the 240 million spam messages related to the new coronavirus. What…

How do online ads change during the pandemic?

As the pandemic also brought a financial crisis for some companies, online ads became the main way for them to reach their costumers. Online companies try to take benefit of this situation and invest more in online advertising, while the offline ones need to adapt, in order…

Zoom admins can disable personal Meeting IDs to stop intruders

With the new update from Zoom, admins will have the possibility to disable personal Meeting IDs to stop intruders. As the popularity of video conferencing apps increased, with the lockdown, a Zoom phishing campaign started in April. In fact, the attackers asked recipients…

Attackers use online streaming to spread malware

Attackers are aware that many of us watch movies or shows online more than before and they use online streaming to spread malware. They manage to scam users into giving away personal data and funds, using new tactics. Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have used…