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Targeted advertising might become a thing of a past

Three congresspersons want to stop targeted advertising. This might stop Google, Facebook and other tech giants using personal data to target their users with ads. Stop tracking for targeted advertising The act might just stop huge players from using users&#8217…

Meta tries to stop phishing on Facebook and Instagram

Meta filed a lawsuit in California court to stop phishing attacks that target its users on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp. The company had to take steps to stop phishing Meta’s decision came as there were more than fake 39,000 website trying to…

Dark patterns to become illegal in the EU countries

A key European Parliament committee agreed to a ban on dark patterns that trick web users. Also, they would like to ban advertisements targeting minors. The tougher regulation could spell trouble for tech giants in negotiations with any EU country. Dark patterns…

Third party cookies die. Will we live an ad free life?

For most of us – online users, and our privacy, an ad free life would be the best. Just imagine browsing the internet without pop-ups or ads that cover the content we are interested in. But marketers are worried about the death of third-party cookies that Google…

UK obtained pledges on browser cookies from Google

Google has pledged more restrictions on its use of data from Chrome, collected by browser cookies. Thus it addressed concerns raised by Britain’s competition regulator about its plan to ban third-party cookies that advertisers use to track consumers. Browser…

Increasing ad sales and AI make Baidu beat estimates

Ad sales helped Baidu, China’s search engine, beat the expectations set on the Wall Street. Thus, in the third quarter of the year, the company reported that its revenues went above estimates, thanks to strong ad sales. Also, the growth came as a result of high demand…