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Hackers attack video game players through cheat codes

Cisco Talos discovered a new campaign targeting mainly video game players. Attackers use a new cryptor in different malware campaigns. In order to evade detection, they hid their cryptor in some files users download to install cheat codes or game modifications. The new…

FileZilla FTP comes with adware in Windows installer

Adware is present in Windows installer and it seems that FileZilla is the source. In fact, Windows is a host to many popular open source software. Some of them come at no price. But some of their functionalities might be harmful. Free does not mean adware-free…

Google accused of collecting private data, secretly

Google would face a lawsuit for collecting private data even in Incognito mode, according to Bloomberg. Private data collected in “Incognito” mode A judge in California decided that Google should face a lawsuit. The decision comes after three users filed a…

Hackers use fake ad blocking software for ransomining

A fake ad blocking software lets attackers take over the power of computers in order to mine cryptocurrency. Analysts called this ransomining, which also encrypts data on the corrupted machines. Thus, attackers can then ask for a ransom. Ad blocking – a pretext…