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A Windows ad erased the system’s Start menu and task bar

Windows ad

Although the 11 build isn’t even out yet, a Windows ad made Explorer stop responding. Also, it left its first users without a working Start menu and taskbar. These issues and others regarding the task bar, desktop, and settings app prevented testers from using the new OS.

Windows ad fetching misbehaved

In a blog post, developer Daniel Aleksandersen explains that the company Microsoft edited its registry to include a new service called “IrisService.” This service is responsible for fetching new lock screen wallpapers and other suggestions and advertisements.

According to Aleksandersen, “I narrowed the problem down to a registry key that contained a serialized JSON blob. The blob contained an advertisement for Microsoft Teams.” Thus, he discovered something unusual. The messaging and imagery were identical to ”the panel you get when you press the Windows key + C. They come up when anyone uses the combination on a Windows account not already set up with Teams.

Windows 10 is pushing Microsoft to the forefront, but it has some drawbacks. One of these is that it relentlessly promotes and prioritizes Microsoft’s products. Another is that it talks to Microsoft’s servers without asking. This has led to problems such as constant promotion of Microsoft products, data leaks, and apps which download without warning.

There is still time to solve the problem

According to Aleksandersen, these processes shouldn’t be capable of breaking the core functionality of a program. This problem happened with beta builds of Windows 11 and not with something running on most PCs. As the launch is less than a month away, they might fix fix the bug before release. However, recent Windows 11 builds have focused on fixing bugs rather than new features.

Microsoft offered the specific build of Windows to IT organizations in the “release preview” Insider channel. Typically reserved for final or near-final builds, insiders had the opportunity to test this operating system as soon as it became available. Microsoft should clarify if any changes will be made before the public version of Windows 11 starts rolling out next month.

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