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FileZilla FTP comes with adware in Windows installer

Adware with legitimate software

Adware is present in Windows installer and it seems that FileZilla is the source. In fact, Windows is a host to many popular open source software. Some of them come at no price. But some of their functionalities might be harmful.

Free does not mean adware-free

So, the FileZilla popular FTP program has resorted to quite a deceptive strategy in order to manage put adware on Windows powered computers.

Although some of the users never use a FTP client, as they do not need it, FileZilla is there. It might not be very easy or nice, but it is free. Anyway, users might not be aware that it comes with adware. They can find about this only if they read the fine print.

The information about the sudden change to FileZilla’s installer came from nixCraft, via Twitter. Thus, thhey mentioned that: “FileZilla now contains adware if you download from the official homepage. Be careful.”

Still, most users do not check this before downloading the solution and ignore the small text beneath the download button. The text says that “This installer may include bundled offers”. In fact, this means that the app comes with ads.

A common practice on Windows

There are many apps that Windows comes with “for free” and this seems to already be a common practice. Thus, their installers often include additional software or even browser extensions. Moreover, these may come with some user tracking functionality.

As a result, antivirus software, even Microsoft Defender, come with alerts to warn users of some threats.

As an alternative, nixCraft recommends another free, open source FTP solution, for the users that really need one.

Despite all these things, FileZilla also offers adware-free Windows installers. Still, in order to find them, users need to dig for them. And this is because they are never the first option that comes by default.

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