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How ad blocking extensions can harm online experience

Ad blocking

Ad blocking extensions have become a go-to tool for internet users who are put off by obtrusive and irrelevant ads. However, these services can sometimes harm the online experience for things like banking and shopping.

We will show you both sides of these tools, so that you can make an informed decision.

Learn how ad blocking extensions work

How many times have you get annoyed by ads? Perhaps too many times to remember. This happens to most of us as ads are more intrusive, block content and follow us everywhere.

So, the decision to install an ad blocker comes almost instantly. And one of the handiest solutions is to install a browser extension. Therefore, online browsing becomes better until a certain point. This is when users discover that, although they do not see ads, browsers seems to work slowly.

But why does this happen? Well, this seems to be “the price we should pay” for using such extensions. In fact, things are pretty simple. When accessing a website, the extension also needs to load. And this means more time for the browser to get all the data, according to the instructions received from the extension.

So, the problem is that this kind of ad blocking extensions come with some inconvenience. And things might go even further and become more annoying. Some of the companies that build such extensions close deals with internet giants. As a result, you might still see ads, as particular extensions allow Google or Facebook get around their blocker.

In this case, users might feel irritated and even betrayed. So, the ad blocker does not really seem to be a true ad blocker anymore.

Get rid of the ads you can not control

Browser extensions that help any user block ads seem to be a very good idea. Moreover, users may see them as a necessity, when websites try to track us everywhere with their ads.

This is what they should do, in fact. But do they? As mentioned above, some of these even receive a lot of money from giants to let their ads get through. And this is very deceptive. So anyone who decides to download them is tech savvy enough to understand the dangers that hide even behind funny ads. And this is just to stay away from trackers, keep away malicious websites and behind-your-back search.

But although installing a browser extension to block ads might seem a smart decision, this proves to be false. That’s why there should be a better solution.

Say “Good bye!” to annoying ads, without compromise

So, users that make a comprehensive research, might discover that the extensions they download to protect them do not actually do their job. This happens because of the billions of dollars spent in the advertising industry. Also, it happens because giants make their money out of these ads.

But there should be a solution, you might think. In fact, there is and it is called native ad blocker. This means that the ad blocker is a standalone solution that can block ads in all browsers and apps. Also, it can block search, social media, video and audio ads.

Of course, any user may customize it so that it may let premium websites show ads. Thus, quality journalism and websites get the support they deserve.

Ad Guardian Plus is that premium solution. Try it for free, browse faster and remain untracked.

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