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Learn how to lock the door in front of the backdoor attacks

Block the backdoor attacks

Many systems offer a way for backdoor attacks. This means the attackers install malware, such as trojans and cancel the authentication procedures. Thus, they affect a computer system, a network, a server or a software app.

What are backdoor attacks?

Attackers are very inventive when it comes to breaking security systems. They use scanners to locate out-of-date or unpatched websites. Then, they take advantage of these weaknesses to install a backdoor on the server where the websites are hosted.

At the beginning this is a small piece of software – a dropper. Afterwards, this software brings a bigger file, from a remote machine. Then comes the installation of the backdoor script on the server.

By infecting computers using different types of malware, hackers try to gain unauthorized access to the target systems. Then, it becomes easy for them to remotely command the computers. This way, hackers can either manipulate databases or file servers, but the most dangerous thing is that they can update the malware on the systems.

After installation, it is very difficult to get rid of this software, as it hides behind aliases. So, security solutions usually fail to detect it.

Why are they dangerous?

Among the malicious activities, they can execute, some of the most frequent are spyware and ransomware installation. Moreover, hackers can trick users to believe they access a legitimate website, while they actually navigate on a fake website, after attackers broke into the server (server hijacking).

Crytpocurrency mining is another thing that may happen behind your back. Miners need huge resources to solve complicated math problems. So, they try to use the power of users’ computers, without their knowledge, in order to earn more money. This might cause latency of the attacked systems or even their failure.

Tips to protect against backdoor attacks

Despite the difficult way to identify them, there are some solutions to protect against a backdoor attack. First of all, users should change the default passwords, either they are for apps, system on online accounts.

Secondly, a firewall proves to be a good choice, in order to track the activity of the installed apps. Also, the data usage should be carefully supervised.

Thirdly, you should always make sure you download and use software from trustful sources.

But one the most useful solutions would be to always use an anti-virus software, together with a firewall. Thus, you may defeat backdoor trojans and remain safe.

Recently, the Russian Black Energy group compromised internet’s top email server software using a backdoor attack.

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