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Learn how you can surf faster. Yes, it really is possible!

Surf faster

As we all need to access information all the time, it is important to surf faster and find what we need, in no time. But, in order to do this, we must meet at least two important conditions: a good internet connection, and a fast browser.

The fight for speed

All the developers do their best to enhance the speed of their browsers. But it is not only their struggle. Websites try to make money, mainly showing ads. So, although the browsers might work faster, as websites display a lot of third-party information, loading times increase.

Also, the search engines struggle with this. They want to monetize each and every user, but also want to work fast. So, this still seems to be quite a difficult task for them, too.

That’s why Vivaldi, for instance, chose to use Startpage, as this search engine is not using third-party cookies. So, the browser loads faster and users’ information are more secure.

This decision also determined Google to announce it would kill third-party cookies soon.

So, although users, browsers’ developers and search engines would like us all to surf faster, there are some things that keep slowing their decision.

It is possible to surf faster!

Until the giant companies would find a solution that would be useful both for the users and for them, it is still possible to surf faster.

What you need to do is to use a Windows native ad blocker. Ad Guardian Plus (AGP) stops the ads before even reaching your browser. This is a thing that browser extensions can not do. Moreover, they would slower your browser, too, as they need to load with the pages you visit.

In order to stop the ads, AGP scans the pages’ code and uses algorithms to change the parameters of the elements.

It’s up to you to browse faster and protect your privacy!

Laurentiu Titei
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Laurentiu, a creative content writer, has been producing articles about technology for more than 10 years. He is interested in all the security and internet news and his mainstream media background helps make them readable for all kinds of users. Moreover, he grows the appropriate social media channels for websites.
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