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Security tips: How to block pop-ups on your computer

Block pop-ups

Do you want to know how to block pop-ups, because they’ve become extremely annoying? It’s no secret that pop-up ads are some of the most hated aspects of the Internet.

The best way to get rid of these ads is by installing an ad blocker. Because annoyed users would do anything to stop seeing them.

What is the best way to block pop-ups?

The best way to block pop-ups on your Windows computer is by installing an ad blocker. It will stop this kind of ads or notifications.

Moreover, it will make sure that you browse safely. This is because it will also stop ad tracks that browsers use to follow you. So, as no marketer will be able to track you, your data will also stay safe.

Many people enjoy using ad blockers when they use their computers. This prevents advertisements from interrupting whatever they’re doing. Of course, most of us block ads regardless. Still, blocking pop-ups can be especially useful.

At this moment, more than 40% of people use ad-blocking software, according to BackLinko. Why is that number significant?

There are two important reasons for using this kind of software is that. First, more than 22% of users say that ”there are too many ads on the internet.” Also, an equal amount of people think that the ads are “annoying and irrelevant.”

Although the fact that “ads are too intrusive” ranks third, it is an important issue. And here come the pop-ups.

So, you should think about an ad blocker as an investment. They might cost some money, but they save you a lot of time.

What does this mean?

Some solutions block pop-ups completely, some others block certain kinds of pop-ups. You should better test them before making the final decision.

Of course, this decision might affect websites, as they use pop-ups to drive conversions. They try to push offers, discounts, products and more using this technology.

But do not worry! A valuable ad blocker allows users choose what websites can show them ads. Thus, they can make a difference between quality pages and the others. Ad Guardian Plus could be the tool that you are looking for. Test it and make your smart decision!

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