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The Facebook outage shows us how much their ads value

Facebook outage message

The Facebook outage made every user get nervous. Still, it also brought a good thing for conscious users. Thus, we know now how much the ads that they push in front of us worth.

A Facebook outage estimation

Both Fortune and Snopes came with an estimation about company’s loss as they could not show any ads to anyone. Besides the Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune declining by almost six billion dollars, there is one more important thing to consider. During the outage, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp could not show ads. And this was the real pain of the giant.

So, Fortune and Snopes estimated the loss for Facebook, based on the numbers provided by the company this year. Thus, during the second quarter, the giant reported $29 billion in revenue. That means more than $322 million per day, or more than $13.3 million per hour. Further on, we come to an amount of $220.000 per minute.

As the outage lasted for about six hours, this would mean the company lost almost $80 million.

Where does this money come from?

Well, most of the money come from ads. This means that the companies usually pay this amount for their ads to appear in front of the users. But they come, in fact, from users. Companies could not afford to pay for the ads if their return of investment wasn’t positive.

So, all the users that click on Facebook ads and finally make a purchase, bring the company this money, every six hours.

Does it seem a lot for you? Does it bother you to know this? Then any user should take the necessary steps and choose if they want to see ads. Moreover, it should be users’ choice to decide on which website to see ads.

Now, this is possible and also comes with more safety. Ad Guardian Plus brings you both a better speed, as the ads do not load anymore, and safety. Using the Windows native ad blocker keeps trackers away from your computer. This means that not even Facebook can track you anymore to learn about your online behaviour.

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