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Undertain.work scam uses annoying ads and pop-ups

Annoying ads might be malicious, too

Showing annoying ads has become a way hackers try to trick users into clicking them or push notifications and infecting their Windows computers.

In fact, attackers use the malicious ads to inject lots of unwanted programs on the victims’ systems, while users are not even aware of those.

The dangerous annoying ads

Well, hackers designed the Undertain.work malicious web page, in order to eventually steal user data.

Also, they take all the steps to determine victims do this. In fact, they use the click-bait technique. Thus, attackers use appealing messages in order to ask users subscribe to the browser notifications.

Pretending to be a legitimate web page, it is asking users to confirm they are not robots, in order to receive notifications. For this, users should click the “Allow” button.

Then, those who fall into the trap will see lots of unwanted ads, even on the websites that they visit usually. But most of them advertise fake software, updates, pornographic websites or lots of other unwanted pieces of software.

How does Undertain.work reach computers?

Usually, such applications are called “potentially unwanted apps” (PUA), because users download them without even knowing. In fact, any program we install using the typical installation may bring with it unwanted software.

But let’s be honest: how many users know how to go through a custom installation? Well, that’s why hackers try to take advantage of this.

So, as a result, additional and sometimes dangerous programs manage to sneak on our computers. This is what happens with Untdertain.work, which then shows annoying ads and pop-ups. Beside the fact that they are annoying, they are also dangerous.

Of course, there are ways to get rid of it, but still, it is not very easy for the average users. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Still, if you are not sure about the way you should do it, but want to stay away from annoying ads, be them legitimate or illegitimate, you can trustfully use the Ad Guardian Plus ad blocker.

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