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A data protection council started working in Brazil

Data protection

The new data protection council will have 23 members. The council will support the creation of guidelines on how to apply the data protection rules.

Brazil has announced the members of its National Council for the Protection of Personal Data and Privacy. The council is part of the process of implementing Brazil’s data protection law. Thus, a presidential decree announced it on August 9.

The data protection council – an unpaid service

The council should maintain the guidelines for the rules. Also, it includes various government officials, representatives of civil society, academia, trade unions, and public sector bodies.

23 board members and deputies will serve two-year terms in CNPD. Board membership is a relevant, unpaid service to the public.

ANPD (National Association of Professional Public Prosecutors) created the CNPD board. And they did it through the publication of notices for the formation of lists. But now, president Jair Bolsonaro will have to approve it.

The council was put together from 122 submissions. Waldemar Gonçalves is the president of the National Data Protection Authority. He said he was confident that the input of the council will be extremely important. Thus, it will consolidate and disseminate Brazil’s data protection and privacy policy.

The president will announce the start day

The president has not yet announced when the CNPD will take office. Brazil’s data protection regulations were introduced in September 2020 and at the time it was determined that organizations would enjoy a grace period of one year before adapting to the new rules.

Although there were attempts to push sanctions to 2022, organizations would have a one year grace period. The board members of ANPD started their mission in October, last year.

From August 1, new data protection rules take effect in Brazil. Those who violate the rules will pay a fine and will also face administrative sanctions. The ANPD will adopt a “responsive approach” to those organizations failing to comply.

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