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Brazil: Important privacy rules change for WhatsApp

WhatsApp privacy rules

The authorities in Brazil force WhatsApp to change its privacy rules. Thus, Facebook should adjust its policy with the rules already in place in the European Union.

WhatsApp commits to change privacy rules

The National Data Protection Authority (NDPA) wants to make sure the that app’s new rules ensure data protection and consumer rights. Facebook introduced these rules globally, in May. So, the antitrust watchdog, the consumer body Senacon and the Federal Prosecution service joined NDPA.

All the institutions involved manage to make WhatsApp suspend the deadline for acceptance the new terms. Also, the Facebook-owned company would not delete or suspend accounts within this period. So, it would not delete any user accounts even though they do not accept the terms.

Therefore, WhatsApp made commitments to comply with the recommendations. They also include transparency and user accessibility.

Adjustments of the privacy notice

As a result of the technical assessments from the NDPA, WhatsApp came with new commitments. These also include the adjustment of the privacy notice specific to Brazil. Thus, the practices already used in the EU would reflect in the biggest South American country. A presidential decree announced country’s new data protection council.

Thus, users should be able to opt-out of the new privacy policy, under the Brazil’s version of the GDPR.

Moreover, WhatsApp’s would update the terms of use for its Business version. Besides, it should come with reports and documents that the authorities requested. The company should also create educational materials for the safe use of its app.

The new developments should be ready soon

As a result, WhatsApp will bring evidence of the its new developments until August 31. Then, they will meet the four government bodies and will define the next steps.

WhatsApp mentioned that the company sees this as “the opportunity to clarify information.”

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