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Ad Guardian Plus ad blocker surrounds the internet

Ad Guardian Plus ad blocker

Ad Guardian Plus, which is Bit Guardian’s flagship, becomes more and more appreciated each day. The Windows native solution helps you block all types of ads. From the common ones, such as pop-ups and banners, to the advanced ones – Facebook, YouTube, audio and video ads or social media buttons. Still, it is your choice which types of ads you want to block, by selecting the ad categories. All these features have been already highly appreciated by some of the most important media channels.

Softonic: “This ad blocker is a good choice”

Softonic reviewed Ad Guardian Plus. They consider it “a lightweight security and privacy program that allows you to block online ads with ease.” Softonic mostly appreciates that the ad blocker feature is free and unlimited. Also, the fact that blocking crypto-mining script is a feature toggable in the settings. Moreover, the review mentions another important feature: blocking crypto-mining scripts.

Source: Softonic

Although the ad blocker can run in the background and is not a browser extension, it works on most browsers and “can block various types ads and malware trying to sneak in from URLs.”

FileHippo: “Impenetrable protection”

FileHippo also considers the protection offered by Ad Guardian Plus as “impenetrable” and “a good choice for an ad blocker application because it is capable of tracing ads before they reach your browser or application.”

Ad Guardian Plus - FileHippo
Source: FileHippo

As there are “fewer images, videos and graphics to load on the page, the app speeds up your page loading time”. FileHippo also appreciates the anti-malware and anti-phishing features, as these create “a safer environment for you to surf the internet and run other programs.”

Softpedia: “A handy tool that can prevent tracking and ads”

Softpedia also reviewed Bit Guardian’s Ad Blocker. Users rated the ad blocker which received five-star ratings from the platform’s users. Also, Softpedia’s reviewer, Alexandra Sava, considers that Ad Guardian Plus is “a handy tool that can prevent tracking and ads”.

Source: Softpedia

She appreciated the tool as 100% clean and mentioned that it “can safeguard your data against theft and phishing attacks.”
Softpedia’s users rated it five stars.

Anyone can avoid the dangers!

CNET, decided to list Ad Guardian Plus. Best Free Vista Downloads, in turn, also listed Ad Guardian Plus, which received five stars from the users who downloaded it. And these are not the only download platforms. Soft32 listed our ad blocker, which received 4.5 stars, from users:

Source: Soft32

Soft112 also has the ad blocker listed. Thus, more and more users have the chance to get rid of the annoying online ads and at the same time protect themselves from the huge dangers hidden behind them.

Still, if there are not enough reasons for you to use the ad blocker, then watch Vox’s video. You will better understand how huge companies and websites find, save and use your data, in order to display the ads that tend to suffocate all of us online, everyday.

Remember, the ad blocker helps you keep safe from malicious attacks, which are very dangerous for any internet user. Also, it blocks all the malicious websites, so that you have no worries when you are on the web. As the browser does not have to load the ads, anyone can take advantage of faster web browsing. At the same time, privacy is very important. That’s why Ad Guardian Plus blocks hidden search and social media trackers. It’s your choice to download it today, or keep being vulnerable.

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