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Governmental data protection guide launched in Brazil

Data protection guide

The Brazilian government launched a data protection guide, so that it can raise awareness on data protection among the general public. The “How to protect your personal data” guide includes information on how to restrict access to one’s data. Also, it offers information about how to protect one’s privacy, and a section on the responsibilities of digital companies.

The data protection guide avoids technical language

Most people are confused about how their data is being used. So, the companies and authorities have to be clear in their language, so that people can understand. The new guide tries to explain the concept of how data can be used, and what is legal.

The document explains how data should be treated in Brazil. Also, it clarifies how these guidelines comply with the country’s general data protection regulations. Moreover, it provides a list of things to consider when it comes to personal data.

Data holders’ rights are protected

Furthermore, the document issued by the Brazilian government outlines the rights of data holders. It states that data holders are entitled to know the purpose of data management. Also, they should be able to access their own personal data if it is being managed. Of course, finally, they can revoke authorization to personal data access. And, eventually, they can even exclude their personal data from a database.

The personal data protection document offers suggestions of how to protect your personal information. These also include using two-factor authentication, backing up data, and encrypting it if possible. But it also covers what to do if there is an incident involving personal data.

In February, the ANPD published a strategy that outlined its first priority: fostering a data protection culture. Thus, the plan is to make it easier for individuals and communities to use and manage their data.

Workshops for users

In order to meet the challenges, the data protection authority is taking many steps. One of these is educating users through workshops and guides about how to do things safely. Also, it means building partnerships with other governments to carry out studies on the problem.

Therefore recent study by the credit intelligence company Boa Vista shows that Brazilians are unaware of the data protection laws. It appears that this isn’t a problem just in Brazil, but a global one.

Recently, there has been an increased concern with personal data security. The Datafolha Institute reported that people are worried about their data despite knowing what companies are doing with it. The report came out in July, this year. It says that despite this knowledge, many Brazilians are concerned about the use of their private information and purchasing habits.

Anyway, for those who really care about data collection, Ad Guardian Plus is one of the best tools that keep their data safe.

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