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Identity theft will have one more serious “enemy” in the U.S.A.

Prevent identity theft

An identity theft bureau which will work on improving data security and privacy will start working soon in the United States. The US House of Energy and Commerce Committee voted recently to provide the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with $1 billion.

The money come in order to create the new bureau. The new structure will address ”unfair or deceptive acts or practices relating to privacy, data security, identity theft, data abuse, and related matters.”

Serious measures against identity theft

Democrats came with the idea of the new federal bureau, which is part of a proposal of 3.5 billion spending measure. So, the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau would focus on unfair and deceptive practices in consumer privacy, data security, identity theft and data abuses. The federal agency would be funded for 10 years and address these issues.

So, the committee has been working for two days on the project. Still, they are working on the proposal. The FTC, which enforces laws against deceptive practices, will not allow corporations to take advantage of consumer data and privacy.

The run for user profiles jeopardizes personal data

Companies try to gather as much information about their users as they can. They want to know them good enough, in order to show them ads and make them buy products.

But this also leads to abuses, when companies sell or share data with third-parties. In order to get rid of this, users have some powerful tools. One of the most powerful is an ad blocker that also blocks trackers. So, we recommend you Ad Guardian Plus, which prevents any website to track the data and information about you, while browsing.

Thus, the Windows native app deactivates online trackers. Thus, it stops search engines, advertising companies or even hackers from collecting any personal data. This means faster and safer browsing.

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