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How much does privacy on Facebook really mean… privacy?

Privacy on Facebook

Do you know what does privacy on Facebook mean? Most of us don’t. It’s common knowledge that anything we post on Facebook can be seen by friends, family members, and even our boss.

What if we change the privacy settings on a post to “private”? Would it be really private? Technically no.

What is privacy on Facebook?

Facebook wants all our data. Thus, they can sell it to advertisers. Or they can sell us their own tracking cookies, in the hope that we will be led to click more.

We do find ourselves clicking like on ads that don’t really matter to us. Injustice is only permissible if it’s affordable.
The biggest problem with Facebook privacy options is that they don’t do anything to put their users back in control. Facebook wants us to believe that we are as empowered as an airline pilot about privacy decisions. Well, we are not.

Most of their points boil down to this: use our tools properly, and we will show you stuff others won’t. But Facebook’s core business is selling data which includes “paid news content”. They’re a retail business, not a publication business.

What does Facebook privacy actually mean?

Options for privacy on Facebook can be confusing. Moreover, some are only available to businesses that are members of the Facebook Enterprise Network. It means that anyone has the ability to see our posts.
Facebook privacy has a lot to do with our online reputation. If we’re spamming people or running an elaborate scheme, then yes, most of the time people can figure it out.
Still, through careful planning ahead, we can make sure our privacy is solid. We should start by visiting the privacy settings on Facebook.
We have the chance to tell the Facebook staff what information we would like to keep private. But Facebook isn’t a board of morality. In fact, employees have access to our information.

If we don’t pay for it, it’s probably not private

Facebook has been advertising privacy since the company’s growth has slowed down. But they have so much data about us that they can analyze our environment, needs, interests, motivations and life choices. They know what we purchase, who we spend time with, and what we watch.

Now, they know more about us than we do. “Personalization” is used so much that users don’t even realize they are being sold to. All we see is ads on our News Feed every time we log in to Facebook. This happens because they have dozens of tools that can analyze our data to calculate the effectiveness.

They use our information to make smart buying decisions and find more ways to gather data. Facebook knows where we go, what we buy, who we spend time with, and what services we use.

Anyway, Facebook leverages their massive knowledge about us to enhance its own profitability. This happens even though they do not explicitly ask us to share our personal data for advertising purposes.

Here is how we can protect our data

So, whoever thinks about the safety of their data should consider all the above things. Facebook uses our data to earn money. They use the data for the companies that want to target us with ads. Then, the companies can follow us all over the internet.

But we all have the chance to put an end to this once and for all. The Ad Guardian Plus ad blocker blocks the behind-your-back search and social media trackers

It also blocks the advanced Facebook ads, search ads, etc. very easily.

Download it now to protect your privacy and enjoy an ad free life!

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