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Let’s take our right to customise the way we see ads

Change the way we see ads

The way we see ads is a complex mechanism that helps advertisers and companies follow us and our online behaviour all the time. Thus, they try to make sure they maximise the possibility to sell their products or obtain our data.

After they gather it, they use it to follow us even more by: sending emails, showing the same ad, no matter what websites we visit etc.

Is this the way you want things happen? Are you happy with it?

Decide when and where you see ads

As users, we usually want to easily find the content we consider valuable. And we are used to read that content for free.

Still, third-party cookies and the way they follow us all the time made some companies change their policy. Also, it brought some tech solutions for those who really think that they should protect their personal data.

One of the solutions that content publishers adopted was to introduce paid subscriptions for those users who find the content valuable. Thus, by paying the subscription, users get a third-party cookies free website.

In other words, these websites do not pass over the information about users to advertisers. And this seems to be working for some huge content creators, such as The New York Times, as Allison Murphy, their senior vice president of ad innovation mentioned.

Anyone can make an informed decision

Google announced it would give up third-party cookies. This seemed to be a huge news at the beginning of 2020. Still, now, marketers are not at all happy with the result and asked the authorities to block the technology.

So, there is no hope, at this moment, that these pieces of code would leave our internet experience, soon. Thus, the only viable solution at the moment is an ad blocker.

But we should be aware of our choice’s risks. This is because some of the most important ad blocker browser extensions receive money from Google, in order to still show platform’s ads.

Well, with Ad Guardian Plus, anyone can choose what websites can us show ads. Moreover, it blocks trackers, and works with all the browsers and apps.

Laurentiu Titei
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Laurentiu, a creative content writer, has been producing articles about technology for more than 10 years. He is interested in all the security and internet news and his mainstream media background helps make them readable for all kinds of users. Moreover, he grows the appropriate social media channels for websites.
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