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Marketers attack Google’s Privacy Sandbox, in the UK

Google Sandbox

Marketers for an Opeb Web (MOW) attacked Sandbox, from Google. This is the company’s anti-tracking project which should “create a thriving web ecosystem that is respectful of users and private by default,” according to Google.

In other words, this should mean, in the end, the death of third-party cookies.

Should they block Sandbox?

MOW members asked the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to simply block the technology from Google. Although the main idea of Google was to still allow the advertising industry do its job, while protecting users’ privacy.

Now, MOW members say they worry that the new technology might take the marketing tools from their hands. Also, they consider that Google would like to have all these tools in its own hands.

According to MOW, “Google’s new technology has nothing to do with privacy.” So, they think that it has “everything to do with moving the whole digital advertising industry off the open web.”

Also, the group mentioned that Google is trying to “take control of the web through its dominant power to the detriment of wider society.”

So, they believe that these are just attempts to control the open web, which threatens digital media and online security.

The initiative became public in 2019, and Justin Schuh, director of Chrome engineering, mentioned that tests would begin this year.

Google’s reaction

After these allegations, Google also came with a reply. So, the giant mentioned that “The ad-supported web is at risk if digital advertising practices don’t evolve.”

They also mentioned that the evolution should reflect people’s concerns and expectations regarding the way data is collected and used.

So, Google said it introduced the Privacy Sandbox, “to provide strong privacy for users while also supporting publishers.”

At that time, analysts welcomed the company’s initiative. Now, MOW say that this would be very bad.

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