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The new Chrome ad blocker to save Google’s browser and ads

Chrome ad blocker

The new Chrome ad blocker that comes with version 85 is meant to save Google’s browser and its ads. The new feature surprised all the users and the industry, too.

But it’s, in fact, the way Google tries to save its browser and help its ads system bring more money. The company blames “heavy ads”, as they use too much power, CPU power and drain batteries. So, it came with a solution for its browser to block them.

Google’s ad blocker to boost its ad platform

So, the Chrome ad blocker should protect Google browser’s users on desktop computers and Android devices from ads that load the browser excessively. Still, at the same time, it would help simple Google ads perform better, which means more money for the company.

The new feature would be available gradually this month for the Crome 85 users. In a GitHub document, John Delaney explained that the poorly performing ads harm the user’s browsing experience. This happens “by making pages slow, draining device battery, and consuming mobile data.”

Thus, Google’s browser will block the ads that meet some criteria. It will act if the user does not interact with an ad that uses the main thread for more than 60 seconds in total.

Also, the ad blocker will intervene when the ads use the main thread for more than 15 seconds in any 30 seconds window.

Finally, it will block the ads that use more than 4 megabytes of bandwidth.

So, the ad blocker will target ads that mine cryptocurrency, those that load huge, uncompressed image files or those that load large videos without user’s consent.

At the same time, Google made the rules so that these will benefit from the new system. They will perfectly fit in the new frame.

A compromise between users and money

The company decided to take the new steps as there are more complaints about its browser’s loading too slowly and some companies advised their employees not to use it anymore. So, Google was somehow forced to do something.

Thus, it came with the Chrome ad blocker that should boost the browser’s speed. Thus, the giant could preserve its users and stop them from migrating to different browsers.

As it could not give up its revenue either, it thought about a way that could help the ads on its platform perform better, to bring more money.

According to Cowen & Co’s estimate, quoted by Influencer Marketing Hub, Google’s total net revenue for 2020 is projected to be about $127.5 billion, down $28.6 billion compared to Cowen & Co’s prior estimate (an 18% decline).

So, Google desperately needed to do something, so that its ads should produce more money.

Still, Google ads also slow your browser, so the only decent solution would be a windows native ad blocker, just as Ad Guardian Plus is.

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