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Useful online tips: Learn how you can disable ads

Disable ads - the reasons

Anyone would like to disable ads when they become annoying! Most of the time they cover the interesting content or they just pop-up over a page. And we wonder why we should take these. Content producers say that they could not survive without these ads.

Still, intrusive advertisement is not the way to monetize content, as they just bother users. Thus, they may just decide to forget about a website, forever.

Why do we want to disable ads?

Although we might be interested in the products and/or services we see promoted in an ad, the way they are presented is crucial. So, if they bother us, no matter how much we might need them, the first reaction is: “Run away!”

What bothers us:

  1. Ads that cover content.
  2. Ads that pop-up.
  3. Ads that follow us everywhere, even after we bought the promoted item

In fact, this makes the main difference between ads and premium ads. The first ones just try to reach the audience, no matter how. Advertisers that use the second kind of ads are also interested in the users’ experience.

So, in this, case, ads just appear in places where they do not cover content or make it difficult to see. Thus, users can really choose if they want to follow a link or not. It also means that the chance they would click on an ad accidentally disappears.

What concerns us about ads?

Although ads might be premium, there are still a few things that any online user should be aware of. Here they are the most important ones:

  1. Trackers – they collect, store and share information about visitors’ activities on the web. Also, they provide information about the physical location of users.
  2. Personal data collection – websites collect information about their users. Sometimes, hackers manage to obtain the data and then use it in targeted attacks.
  3. Malicious ads – are the ads that seem to be legit but in fact spread malware. As imperva.com puts it, “malware can be embedded in a text or banner ad”.

Here is how to get rid of ads

So, we here is a list to check, in order to disable ads and stay away from all these threats.

  1. Search a trustful ad blocker. Also, consider the way it blocks ads
  2. Install it and test it, in order to see if it really blocks the ads that bother you most and that might also be dangerous.
  3. Purchase it if you decide that it fits your needs. A few dollars or euros a month could be really well invested if you manage to stay away from online fraud.

Our Ad Guardian Plus option is here to stay. Besides blocking ads and trackers, it offers you the possibility to support your favourite premium websites, by allowing ads on those.

Moreover, it does not accept to show Google ads, as other well-known ad blockers do, for money. Also, it makes browsing faster, as it blocks all types of ads even before they reach your browser. Give it a try!

Laurentiu Titei
About author

Laurentiu, a creative content writer, has been producing articles about technology for more than 10 years. He is interested in all the security and internet news and his mainstream media background helps make them readable for all kinds of users. Moreover, he grows the appropriate social media channels for websites.
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