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Learn how to block Facebook ads – free useful tips

Block Facebook ads

Advertisers might consider Facebook ads as a good solution for their brand and products. And they use them especially when they target people over 30. Still, even these people become annoyed at some point and wonder how they could stop these ads from following them.

In this article, are going to show you how to do this easily and effectively.

Facebook ads follow us

First of all, we need to keep in mind that there are more than 2.6 billion users on Facebook. This means lots of people with different interests. So, a huge pool for advertisers to get customers from.

Facebook is aware of this and built a huge “ad factory” factory on its platform. Well, it has the users, it has the technical solution and wants to make as much money as it can.

Did you ever watch an ad for sport shoes, on Facebook? And then did you see the same ad on almost every website that you visit?

There have been many articles about the way social media websites follow users on the internet. And they do this just to show ads for the products we showed interest for.

So, advertisers are ready to bid, in order to reach the best potential buyers. This means more money for Facebook. But the platform needs to keep their advertisers. Otherwise, they would migrate to other platforms.

Thus, it also means more money for advertisers, if they manage to sell more of their products. So, they have a very good reason to follow each and every user and make them spend their money.

But they do this by using the “behavioural retargeting” technique, as marketers name it. So, based on our previous online behavior, advertisers decide what ads to show us.

Moreover, even when we leave Facebook’s platform, they keep on appearing in front of us, due to the third-party cookies.

We can opt out of ads

So, it seems legit for any user to want opt out of ads. It is not a simple task, though. Still, it is not impossible.

Anyone can use an ad blocker, nowadays. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Research for the best solution. Do not take anything for granted!
  2. When you make your decision, choose an ad blocker.
  3. Install it on your device.
  4. Test it.
  5. Decide if it fits your needs, before paying for it.

But hey, we should not just choose any ad blocker, if we really care. A good ad blocker should be able to:

  1. Block all types of ads, no matter where they appear.
  2. Stop ads even before they reach your browser.
  3. Prevent all the trackers.
  4. Make sure that, by blocking ads, users benefit from improved browsing speed.

If we check all these rules, we discover that a native ad blocker is the best solution. Find here the difference between a native ad blocker and a browser extension.

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