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Advertising: The fight for and against intrusive ads

Advertising means a fight for users data

The advertising environment is changing and becomes very painful, even for the huge players. At the same time, this would be the best news for all the internet users.

The death of the third-party cookies seems imminent. This is because they are the means that allow advertisers to follow users and their behavior.

Moreover, the situation has to do with the fact that current types of ads significantly increase the loading time for any web page.

Google comes with new advertising rules

Recently, Google started changing the advertising rules, and came with its own ad blocker. Although it might seem unbelievable, as Google’s income comes from ads. But the giant did this in order to save its browser – Chrome, as it has loading time problems.

Still, its video platform, YouTube, announced that it allows now advertisers to follow users even more.

This is just to track conversions that happen even after users see an ad.

Also, Google’s browser announced the death of third-party cookies. Yet, this option is only available in the incognito mode.

Huge publishers might set the trend

Although it affects their income on short-term, big publishers started working on a new advertising system, that will exclude third-party cookies from the game. And this is a huge step and might set a trend.

Of course, in order to take advantage of the high-quality content with no advertising interference, users need to pay a subscription.

On the other hand, there are authorities that might force huge players change the rules of the game. In Australia, for instance, the authorities want to force Google and Facebook share their revenues. They should pay a percent to the publishers that provide content that the two companies use.

The only certain solution

Although things seem to be popping up, it might take a while until the third-party cookies and the advantages they bring to the publishers will disappear. And this is because there is a lot of money involved.

And as the revenues have gone down during the coronavirus crisis, the big players try to recover, no matter the consequences.

So, for the moment, the privacy protection and an ad-free life are only available by using a stand-alone native ad blocker.

Besides the fact that your browsing experience would not be interrupted by ads, anymore, your personal information will be safe, too. This is because the third-party cookies would not be able to even reach your browser.

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