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Attackers use online streaming to spread malware

Online streaming to spread malware

Attackers are aware that many of us watch movies or shows online more than before and they use online streaming to spread malware. They manage to scam users into giving away personal data and funds, using new tactics.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, they have used mostly personal protective equipment and Coronavirus vaccines as lures. But now, they discovered that online media is very attractive for them.

Streaming services as lures

As the lockdown has been lasting for quite a while in some areas, attackers try to take advantage of the increase in the use of online streaming services. Also, they are more interested in torrent downloads, as they feel they could bring them some easy money. Shortly, they use more online streaming to spread malware.

In order to steal users’ login credentials, hackers tried to impersonate Netflix and Disney+ brands with over 700 registered domains, according to Mimecast. At the same time, they took advantage of pirate streaming servicies and movie piracy websites, in order to infect users, according to Bleeping Computer. In one of them, attackers inserted a malicious VBScript in ZIP files, meant for movie downloads.

Also, Avast reported that malicious actors set up a fake website, presenting an ebook named ”Pandemic Survival”. Also, they tied it to huge media brands such as CNN and CNBC, in orde to deceive as many users as possible.

Simply avoid these scams

In order to stay safe and away from these scams, you need to take a few easy steps. Firstly, you always need to carefully check the spelling of the URLs, before you access them. Secondly, you need to think twice before you accept free subscriptions and offers which could lead to data and money loss. Third, always keep in mind that staying at home might prevent the spread of real viruses but comes with a higher risk of online viruses. And one of the newest is the use of online streaming to spread malware.

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