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More options to protect yourself with Ad Guardian Plus

Protect yourself - Ad Guardian Plus Premium options

The premium version of Ad Guardian Plus offers you more options to protect yourself, besides the free for life possibility to block annoying ads. These are: the privacy guard and the safety browsing feature.

Avoid online data trackers, with “Privacy Guard”

The “Privacy Guard” feature lets you stay away from online trackers and from the social media networks. So, it blocks all the tracking URLs from any website.

But, let’s see what they mean, first. Websites and social media networks use social software tools – trackers, to identify and collect information about every user’s activity in browser. Then, they analyse users’ behaviour in order to provide ads according to their interests. Some others, like Facebook, sell your personal data to advertisers. Thus, the latter can show you highly personalised ads that you may find invasive. It sounds quite like “spying”, right?

Well, now you have the tool to avoid this, with the “Privacy Guard” option.

The option is available with the premium version of Ad Guardian Plus.

“Safe browsing” – no theft or phishing attacks

There is another important option that you can benefit from, with the premium version: “Safe browsing.“

This one blocks malicious websites to safeguard personal data against theft and phishing attacks. This is highly important as phishing seems to be used more often by attackers, lately. For them, it is an easy way to make money, but for users this could turn out to be a tragedy. A phishing attack is one in which hackers use a lure. This is to determine users give/send them important/sensitive data, such as personal data, bank or email credentials etc. Then, they usually use the data to steal money.

With this option, Ad Guardian Plus helps you protect yourself, by blocking malicious websites completely.

Lifetime free features

Of course, Ad Guardian Plus will still keep the annoying ads away from you. The Windows native ad blocker will continue to block URLs. It means it will stop ad requests sent to denied addresses and return an empty response to the browser. Thus, the requests will not be sent at all. So, you can save precious time and money, as the ad blocker is a Windows native solution, not a browser extension. So, it would not overload your browser, unnecessarily. Thus, it decreases page loading time.

Moreover, these options also work on secured (https) connections.

Ad Guardian Plus may become your best browsing friend, as it blocks ads in Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines. At the same time, intrusive ads such as video or overlay ads would become a matter of the past.

You have the chance to take advantage of all its features, during the seven day trial. Just install it and enjoy an ad free life! Your step-by-step guide for installation is here.

So, you can protect yourself during any browsing journey. Sounds good, right?

Try the premium version now, for free! You choose your 12-months subscription and will also receive McAfee Internet Security, for free.

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