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Bing is ready to replace Google search in Australia

Bing to replace Google search in Australia

Bing could be the new search engine that Aussies will use if Google leaves the country, as it threatened. Microsoft’s representatives mentioned their support for Australia’s plans about the so called News Media Bargaining Code. This comes after Google mentioned it would cut service to Australia.

Microsoft’s Bing – a real option

Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, mentioned he talked to Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. Afterwards, Microsoft’s President, Brand Smith confirmed the news.

According to Smith, Microsoft told Prime Minister and Communications Minister that “Microsoft fully supports” the new code. Also, he said they had assured the authorities that small businesses could transfer their advertising from Google to Bing, at no costs.

Moreover, Smith expressed Microsoft’s support for the legislative proposal. Also, he called it a ”a fundamental step towards a more level playing field and a fairer digital ecosystem for consumers, business and society.”

According to Associated Press, Australia Institute’s Center for Responsible Technology welcomed Microsoft’s position. So, Peter Lewis, center’s director considers that Google and Facebook should understand the meaning of this.

“Their network dominance in Australia is only as strong as their respect for Australians,” he mentioned.

Google is playing tough, because of money

Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Businesses Organizations Australia, said: “We’re no panicking.” So, he expressed his confidence that Bing could close the gap. “One organization has the capacity to blackmail a country and that should never happen,” he added.

Moreover, at this moment, there is no plan to make small search engines like Bing pay for linking to Australian news. Still, the authorities have not ruled out that option.

Although it finally agreed to pay French publishers for copyright, Google fights Australia’s authorities. This is because in France, the giant can negotiate individually the price. But in Australia, if it can’t agree on a price, an arbitration panel will decide the price.

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