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Google has a fresh $46bn obvious reason to show ads

Google record show ads

Google’s reasons to show ads all the time when we are online seems to be stronger than ever. Alphabet, Google parent company announced record revenues for the second quarter since the pandemic started. The amount is as large as $56.9bn, out of which $46bn came from its advertising business.

Companies spend more to show ads on Google

The overall income is most probably due to the pandemic. Although the travel and entertainment industries cut their marketing budgets, advertisers spent more for their online retail clients.

Thus, experts say that they expected this, as a result of the massive shift to online advertising, as Cristopher Rossbach, CIO for J. Stern&Co, mentioned. He also emphasized that “both Alphabet and Facebook reported strong online advertising growth.”

Despite the incredible results, Google’s lead seems to be shrinking, as Amazon becomes a bigger threat. Also, Alibaba shows a fast recovery from the pandemic. Also, the company has to face strong legal challenges in Australia andthe UK. Moreover, it had to start paying for the content that helps the giant collect money out of its advertising platforms.

Moreover, it will have to increase its expenses had to start

Google’s game is beyond perception

But the results are the good news for the company, but also come with some bad news for users. As it earns so much out of advertising, it is hard to believe it would give up the way its platforms work.

In order to show users personalized ads, Google uses third-party cookies – those pieces of code that follow us everywhere around the internet. So, despite its Sandbox anti-tracking project, Google does not really want to let users control their privacy.

As a result, we may see Google continue following us all the time. Thus, it will cling on to its future revenues and profits.

Still, there is a way for users to resist: a native ad-blocker. It blocks all the ads, and thus help anyone surf the web faster. Also, in contrast to the browser extensions, it will faster load of any web page, as it is not loading in the browser. Try it for free and decide for your own privacy

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