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How to stay away from the online Coronavirus threats

Online coronavirus threats

The employees need to stay away from the online Coronavirus threats at home, as most of the businesses try to move online. When writing this article, I am working from home, too, without the protection of an office network. And attackers seem to know these things better than anyone. So, they try to take advantage of the panic and fear and do whatever it takes to reach their goals, no matter what.

They build malware campaigns that pretend to offer detailed info about the pandemic, about wonder cures or vaccines, just to lure the users. Recently, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in the UK warned that attacks could increase because of the outbreak. And this happened. Many users, most of them working from home, became victims of phishing attacks. Thus, they lost money, sensitive data or even both.

The biggest online Coronavirus threats

During the pandemic, threats seem to become more frequent and more dangerous. Usually, attackers send emails in which they pretend to offer information or news about the outbreak. These include either attachments or links that lead victims to malicious websites. Some other times, they just spoof official email addresses, in order to trick users that do not pay attention to details. Once the victims access the links or open the attachments, their computers become infected and attackers can access and steal data and money. Some other times, malware affects computers so badly, that the computer disks become unusable. So, users may lose all the data on their machines.

All these are threats that can anyone can still avoid. But any user needs to receive the right information about what to do, from the companies they work for. Also, they can take their own steps, but only on an informed basis.

A good ad blocker is the answer

A good ad blocker can protect anyone from the malicious. Not seeing any ads, when many businesses try to send their products or services online, might keep us all away from some online Coronavirus threats. For some of us, this might be frustrating. But thus, the ad blockers keep us safe.

Also, as the websites load faster, without any ads, we can work more effectively. We need to keep in mind that more people use internet from home. It means that there are more connections. So, using the internet bandwidth without overloading it can help us do our jobs. Still, no matter we access social media channels, as we should take a break from time to time. Ad Guardian Plus blocks the hidden searches and social media trackers and helps us stay away from online Coronavirus threats, at home.

And, when the solution is free for life and Windows native, things can only get better.

Laurentiu Titei
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Laurentiu, a creative content writer, has been producing articles about technology for more than 10 years. He is interested in all the security and internet news and his mainstream media background helps make them readable for all kinds of users. Moreover, he grows the appropriate social media channels for websites.
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