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How to use Ad Guardian Plus, after you install it?

How to use Ad Guardian Plus after you install it

You should know how to use Ad Guardian Plus, once you installed it. In order to learn this, please read the details bellow.

1. Well, the web assistant should always be with you to help:

  • If the icon is green, it means that Ad Guardian Plus is working and you can see how many ads, trackers and threats have been blocked;
  • When the icon is grey, it means that the app is disabled for the particular website you accessed;
  • There is the possibility that the icon is missing. This it’s either because you turned off the ad blocker or something went wrong. If it is turned off, close your browsers and reopen them. You will need to do this also if you uninstall and reinstall it.
Web assistant

How to see statistics?

2. After you download and install the app, you can see how many ads, trackers and threats it blocked, in the Block Statistics area.

How to use Ad Guardian Plus - Block statistics

3. In order to see exactly what Ad Guardian Plus blocked, just click on the “View details” button. A new window will open with a table. Here, you will see the blocked apps or websites, the type of these items, the domain names, the source and the blocked elements. You have the possibility to clear history or to export and view log.

How to use Ad Guardian Plus - see blocked elements

Activate the Premium version

4. If you go back to the main window, you will find the possibility to activate the premium version of the Ad Guardian Plus app. When you hover the mouse over the key icon, the “Activate now” text will appear. Click on it and a new window will open.

How to use Ad Guardian Plus - Activate the Premium version

Here, you have two options:

  • Introduce the license key you received from Bit Guardian, by email;
  • Purchase the premium license.
How to use Ad Guardian Plus - license key

5. Once you make your choice, of course you have the chance to join us on Facebook, let us know about the experience you have with the ad blocker. Also, you will find here how advertisers, social media and web providers track and target you with ads, but also about the latest threats coming from malicious attackers. But keep cool, as we also give you the best tips and tricks on how to remain safe online. Occasionally, we will inform you about product updates relevant to you.

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Now, that you know how to use Ad Guardian Plus, you may just want to try it. You can read a step by step guide about how to install it.

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