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How to install Ad Guardian Plus? A step-by-step guide

How to install Ad Guardian Plus free

Working online might be dangerous, when we are not protected by the company’s defense system, but we will show you how to install Ad Guardian Plus. During this time, many of us work from home to prevent the spread of the pandemic. So, it might be annoying as most of the vendors try to reach their prospects or customers using aggressive ads. Every web user wants to keep safe from malicious attacks. Moreover, now, the internet connection might be slower, because of the huge number of people working from home, watching movies or just surfing the web to search for information.

Well, Ad Guardian Plus (AGP), by Bit Guardian, is here to help you.

Why to block online ads?

Ads that we see seem to be a good way to discover things that we might need. At the same time, online ads can hide very serious threats for your own safety. Malvertising, the way of spreading malware by using of online advertising is one of them. Also, hidden search and social media trackers threat your online experience. So, you can block all types of ads such pop-ups, banners, but also advanced ads: search, Facbook, YouTube, audio, video ads or social media buttons. Anyway, you can customize this, by selecting the ad categories and choose which types of ad you want to block.

How to install Ad Guardian Plus?

  1. Firstly, access adguardianplus.com webpage.
Ad Guardian Plus website

2. Then, click on the Free Download button.

3. Now you can save the file:

4. Next, you have to go to the folder where you saved it.

5. Double click on it.

6. Press the “Yes” button. Thus, you allow the app to make the necessary changes to your device.

7. And here is the moment to press the “Install now” button.

8. Wait for the app to install

9. When everything is done, you will see the message “Installation completed”. Press the “Launch Now” button, to launch the app.

10. You will see this screen:

11. Next, you will be informed that “You have just enabled Ads free safe and fast browsing experience.”

If you click next, on the lower right, you will see a step-by-step guide regarding the app.

12. The first step will be to find how to enable or disable the Ad Blocker, Privacy Guard and Safe browsing.

13. A new click on “Next” will help you discover how to manage the Ad Filters, Rules Editor and the Web Assistant, using the settings button.

14. Click “Next again” to learn about the overview of the product: version, updates, license, company policies and more.

15. For the last time, click on “Next” and find out how to get a detailed overview of the items blocked and manage history.

16. And… that’s it. Now, you will see the main page of the app, where you have all the options available.

We decided to install the premium version of Ad Guardian Plus, but we will talk about its features in a new article. Anyway, the Ad Blocker feature is free for life.

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