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The advantages a native ad blocker brings for users

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More people decide to use an ad blocker in order to get rid of annoying ads. This is because they have become very intrusive and make pages load slower.

Moreover, the data usage increases because of them. Also, the fact that they follow us everywhere, based on our online behavior, is frightening and dangerous.

But there are two kinds of ad blockers: native ad blockers, that you can download on your computer, and extensions that you can add to your browser.

Let’s find out which one is better for you!

What can ad blocker can do?

Ad blockers can do lots of things that are beneficial both for your system and your privacy. Blocking ads is just the obvious result.

But not only they stop the distracting image, gif or even movie ads. One additional reason to choose an ad blocker is that advertisers use scripts – small pieces of code, for different functions. These use information about users but can be easily exploited to gain access to their sensitive data.

Well, ad blockers prevent advertisers from using your data, as advertisers can not use your browsing habits. Thus, they can not follow you all around the web, neither sell this data to other companies.

Moreover, as browsers do not have to load ads anymore, the browsing speed increases. In fact, page load times usually decrease four times. Also, the data usage drops 50%.

A stand alone solution vs. a browser extension

So, the question for a user that decided to use an ad blocker is which one would be better: a native one or a browser extension?

Native ad blockers are pieces of software that you can download one time, which offer you all the advantages mentioned above.

Browser extensions are also pieces of software that, once downloaded, are added to your browser. Here comes the main difference. Also you might gain a better browsing speed with any of them, the browser extension affects this speed. That’s because the browser has to work also to load the code of the ad blocker.

Also, they usually update automatically. So, a harmless extension can be updated to become malicious, as it happened with lots of Chrome extensions, and the user can not notice this.

That’s why a native ad blocker is preferable. And so is Ad Guardian Plus.

Laurentiu Titei
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Laurentiu, a creative content writer, has been producing articles about technology for more than 10 years. He is interested in all the security and internet news and his mainstream media background helps make them readable for all kinds of users. Moreover, he grows the appropriate social media channels for websites.
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