Annoying pop-up ads veiledly install unwanted apps

There are lots of rogue websites that send unwanted pop-up ads to the users’ browsers. In order to achieve this, they try to lure users into accepting for browser notifications. The dangers behind pop-up ads Pop-ups are first of all disturbing for any user.

Google has a fresh $46bn obvious reason to show ads

Google’s reasons to show ads all the time when we are online seems to be stronger than ever. Alphabet, Google parent company announced record revenues for the second quarter since the pandemic started. The amount is as large as $56.9bn, out of which $46bn came from its…

Let's take our right to customise the way we see ads

The way we see ads is a complex mechanism that helps advertisers and companies follow us and our online behaviour all the time. Thus, they try to make sure they maximise the possibility to sell their products or obtain our data. After they gather it, they use it to…

How many disturbing ads would be reasonable for us?

Disturbing ads are those that, initially, seem to be online unharmful and useful commercials. And we see thousands of them, every day. But most of the time, they prevent us from reading or seeing the content we are interested in. So, how many of these ads would be…
News scam uses annoying ads and pop-ups

Showing annoying ads has become a way hackers try to trick users into clicking them or push notifications and infecting their Windows computers. In fact, attackers use the malicious ads to inject lots of unwanted programs on the victims’ systems, while users are…